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The pt1-OKLT6W12-5V5max is a robust and stable power supply providing four outputs, adjustable from 0.59V to 5.5V, at a maximum of 6A in total. The board is built around a Murata OKL-T/6-W12 DC-DC switching (buck) converter, not requiring a heat sink.

The input voltage can be anywhere between 4.5V and 14V, supplied through the screw connector or the barrel jack connector.

The module features an on-board fuse, protecting the circuit against input polarity reversal. The power output is protected against short circuits and over temperature. The converter will automatically restore operation as soon as the short circuit condition is removed.

Some translator logic has been added to the circuit to provide a (positive) logic ENABLE signal (e.g. 3.3/5V).
Other signals available are SEQUENCE/TRACKING, PGOOD and SENSE.


  • 4.5-14V ultra-wide input, power provided through screw or barrel jack connector
  • four outputs, adjustable from 0.59v to 5.5V, at a maximum of 6A in total
  • built around Murata OKL-T/6-W12 DC-DC switching (buck) converter
  • very high efficiency, not requiring any heat sinks
  • protected against input polarity reversal through an on-board fuse
  • protected against short circuits and over temperature
  • automatic restart after short circuit
  • (positive) logic ENABLE signal (e.g. 3.3/5V)
  • SEQUENCE/TRACKING input (to guide/sync the output voltage build-up) available
  • PGOOD (Power Good) signal available
  • SENSE input (incorporating voltage feedback from load location) available
  • all based on robust through-hole components (except for the OKL-T/6-W12 converter)
  • the board is standing on four brass standoffs, allowing you to place it on a working table or to integrate it into a larger assembly
  • board size: 59.25x36.75mm; bolts: 53.25x30.75mm (M2.5)
  • high-quality PCBs, designed in KiCad, and produced by Aisler (Germany), PCBWay (China) and OSH Park (USA)
  • board comes fully assembled and tested
  • power cables available

NOTE: the full output voltage range runs from about 0.59V to 5.5V;
if you need a more limited range (to protect the hardware you will be connecting to this module), select one of the other (more restricted) ranges.

NOTE: make sure the output current per connector is 3A max.

NOTE: the module will only start when a high logic ENABLE signal is provided;
if you need a module that is always on, select the type without the ENABLE signal logic.


I've created this board as a low-voltage power supply for my LED applications (often based on the TI TLC5947 constant current LED driver), and to feed the filaments of the VFD display tubes I'm using in my projects.

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