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The pt1-ABXS002A3-25V is a robust and stable power supply providing an output voltage adjustable from 16V to 34V, at a maximum of 65W. The module is built around the (non-isolated) ABB ABXS002A3X41-SRZ boost converter.

The design of this power supply has been optimized to provide the best dynamic output response at ~25V, using the Tunable Loop feature of the converter. For deployment, ideally an additional capitance of 20μF in total should be placed (i.e. distributed) at the power consumers' ends.

The input voltage can be anywhere between 8V and 16V (typically 12V), supplied through the screw connector.

The module features an on-board fuse, in addition to the converter's output over-current protection. The converter is also protected against over temperature.
The converter will automatically recover from hick-up mode once the output current is brought back into its specified range. When the converter goes into thermal shutdown, it will wait to cool before attempting to restart.

Some translator logic has been added to the circuit to provide a (positive) logic ENABLE (i.e. remote on/off) signal (e.g. 3.3/5V).

The converter's PGOOD (Power Good) signal is available through a separate connector. To use it, connect this (open-drain) line to a logic high (5V max) using a 10kΩ pull-up resistor.


  • 8-16V wide input, power provided through screw connector
  • 16-34V adjustable output, at a maximum of 65W;
    power available through screw connector
  • built around (non-isolated) ABB ABXS002A3X41-SRZ boost converter
  • very high efficiency, not requiring any heat sinks
  • circuit protected through an on-board fuse
  • protected against over current and over temperature
  • high stability (i.e. low ripple) through input and output filtering
  • (positive) logic ENABLE (i.e. remote on/off) signal (e.g. 3.3/5V)
  • PGOOD (Power Good) signal (5V max, via a pull-up resistor) available
  • the board is standing on four brass standoffs, allowing you to place it on a working table or to integrate it into a larger assembly
  • board size: 70.49x34.29mm; bolts: 64.14x27.94mm (M2.5)
  • high-quality PCBs, designed in KiCad, and produced by Aisler (Germany), PCBWay (China) and OSH Park (USA)
  • board comes fully assembled and tested

NOTE: the full output voltage range runs from about 16V to 34V;
if you need a more limited range (to protect the hardware you will be connecting to this module), select one of the other (more restricted) ranges

NOTE: the module will only start when a high logic ENABLE signal is provided;
if you need a module that is always on, select the type without the ENABLE signal logic

NOTE: the output voltage is equal to the input voltage when the ENABLE signal is low


I've created this board as a high-voltage power supply to drive the grids and segments of the VFD display tubes I'm using in my projects.
A similar module providing an output voltage up to 54V at a maximum of 65W is available here.

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# David Dong 2020-08-12 15:00

We are trying to use the boost converter pt1-ABXS002A3-25V.
Would you send me the 3D STEP file for the boost converter pt1-ABXS002A3-25V if you have?

Best Regards,

David Dong | Principal Mechanical Engineer - R&D Hardware
Casa Systems, Inc.
# Adrian Offerman 2020-08-12 20:45
Hi David,
Just sent you the STEP file by mail.
Best, Adrian
# Peter Pasenko 2021-01-21 00:02
Hi Andrian,
I'm about to order this converter but have a question regarding operating ambient temperature as I need operability at -20 degrees Celsius. So what is the current control chip your converter is built on and what is it's operating low temperature? Thanks.
# Adrian Offerman 2021-01-21 11:26
Hi Peter,
Thank you for your interest.
I just checked the datasheet of the ABB ABXS002A3 module this board is built around. It states -40-85 degC for the operating ambient temperature, so you should be fine.
~~ Adrian
# Martijn van Alphen 2021-11-15 07:34

Is an internal voltage available for the enable signal? Externally we do not have 5V available.


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