A venture in retrotronics

Offerman Industries is creating art and design based on old-school electronics, i.e. retrotronics and retro-computing. It involves programming embedded systems, and designing and having manufactured aluminium components, electronic schematics, printed circuit boards, 3D-printed objects, and laser-cut acrylic glass and aluminium. Although some of these technologies are also used in the makers movement, in this case a far more robust, industrial approach is used.



Digital engineering & design
Digital engineering
& design
PCB design & layout
PCB design
& layout
Embedded software development
Embedded software
Design & art
& art
  • Background: RISC-V

    Adrian Offerman 06 April 2019
    Open-source RISC processors making waves in research and industry It's still early in terms of silicon implementations, tooling and operating system support, but the open RISC-V processor specification is making inroads in the processor world. As RISC-V Marketing Manager Ted Marena wrote at the beginning of last year on IEEE Times, RISC-V is to open hardware what Linux has been to open-source software. According to Naveed Sherwani, the CEO of SiFive, today's complex chips are so expensive to...
  • Background: FPGAs, HDL, (System)Verilog, VHDL

    Adrian Offerman 22 March 2019
    Hardware is software Hardware is mainly a software affair: the structure and inner workings of an Integrated Circuit (IC) are defined in a specification language and compiled into a chip layout – much like the way a software program representing an algorithm is compiled into an executable. From a computer-science point of view, the two are equivalent. From a practical point of view, hardware licences are very similar to, or the same as, those used in the open-source software world. Likewise, the...

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